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Since I haven't seen it pointed out (sorry if I missed it) a huge part of making a mission successful is marketing. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of missions in the Foundry, and unless you have some super mission that gets nothing but 5 stars, it's going to get buried. It's up to you to let people know.

  1. Advertise it on the forums, there's a whole subsection dedicated to listing new missions.
  2. Advertise it on
  3. Make a trailer/promotional poster. (Great to advertise on the above.)
  4. Put an eye-catching graphic in your signature.
  5. Getting one of the Foundry podcasts to review it: PodcastUGC, Foundry Files, Priority One, BroadcastUGC and PrimetimeUGC.
  6. If you feel your mission is good enough you can submit it for featuring.
I would add to this, have your fleet play through the mission. Obviously your fleet should be sincere in their ratings and not just 5-star to game the system, but if you did a good job, you should find your friends quite willing to help you not just as a friend but on your mission's merits. That was the advice that someone gave me here, that helped me get above some of the grind missions. And my mission is NOT a very complicated thing from a "Foundry magic" or "custom map" standpoint. Something about it, though, seems to have worked for some people.

That, and I would also say that if you are going to do like me and have a mostly story, little combat mission, put disclaimers all over the thing. On mine, you see what it is in the description AND I (or my in-game avatar) warns you again before you really get into the mission, that you're in for a 60-90 minute run time with a good bit of reading required. (Most players are reporting 60 minutes, but I intentionally padded the time a bit on the grounds that non-native speakers might take longer, and better to make it very clear to people what they were getting into.) I've still had a few "too long" reviews and so forth, but I think that being very up-front about it has cut down on some of that stuff.

Also, if you have a mission-breaking bug or something that people are finding very unclear, address the problem--and don't just address the problem: contact those who gave you the negative review, thank them politely for letting you know, and tell them you have fixed it. Sometimes those individuals will revise their review to reflect your corrections.

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