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OOC: Hang on gotta drag it out.

Gyunei: *starts punching Markon's head repeatedly everyone can hear the cracks and breaking cheek bones and jaw.*

Now watch as everything you know falls apart.

*catches a detonator and presses it exploding a part of the ceiling in showing the place the new chancellor is being held and the few loyal Klingons left and roars and death cries rattle out as weapons discharge.*

*Markon roars as he stands up dazed barely seeing*

Ah I wondered what would break your spirit or your body *Punches him in the gut which causes him to fall to the ground.*

And now I must break you

*Picks him up by the neck and the legs and thrusts him down on his leg snapping his back shattering bone in a sick crack*

Take him away.
OOC: I was expecting the "You do not fear death, you welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe" line or the "when everything you know lies in ruins, then you have my permission to die" line. Missed opportunities!

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