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I tried using these bindings with my Xbox 360 controller and they fail...hard. Sorry, but not being able to use the right thumbstick as a free camera really kills this. I'm pretty sure its a problem with STO and not these key bindings. Keep in mind, I am playing the game on a new system /w a fresh Steam install. It's really sad that the built in 360 support at launch was better than what I'm seeing now. Why didn't this game get just ONE update in 2+ years to allow it to work correctly out of the box?

Also, before some mouth-breather feels he has to explain the virtues of a keyboard and mouse, not all of us can play intensive mice/keyboard action for hours on end. I work in IT and work on a K/M all day, my wrists needs some relief when I get home and a controller helps with that. I also have a HTPC that would seriously benefit from some amount of official support.

I WAS about to buy some Zen and play, but now (after 2 hours of fiddling) I'm just going to shelve this game for another 6+ months and see if it gets better support.