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Originally Posted by branflakes
EDIT: Authors, I've told you the team is investigating this. I'm not sure what more I can do But, the passive-aggressive posts are not helping, and quite frankly, I'm actually really disappointed that such respected members of the Foundry community are resorting to threads and posts like this. I understand you're frustrated, and I've heard you loud and clear -- I've passed along your feedback, and the team is investigating. I'd suggest you take a look at how your voices are contributing to the issue, as from how I see it, you're not helping your cause. Thank you. -Brandon
Could you please take a look at the suggestions for a filtering/tagging system to allow authors to identify their mission type (story vs. grinder), that are going on in other threads? I think that in addition to the frustrations being vented here and the "quick fix" by stopping loot drops from "timid" enemies, implementing tagging would allow people to find what they want and filter out what they're not interested in. And with tagging, even if a vengeful part of the player base decided to go after a type of mission they didn't like, resulting in the average rating for each type being significantly higher or lower than the other, I think the impact wouldn't be as harsh as what it is now where grinders have nearly completely dominated the story missions to where the stories are almost impossible to find. In essence you'd end up with two rating scales running in parallel, completely separate from each other.

Of course I would recommend a long testing period on Tribble before implementing this, and making sure to be open to suggestions for refining it once it hits Holodeck, because you can be quite sure that something will not work as intended at first.

I hope this might offer a positive, long-term solution.

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