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I agree; I think marcus' entry really benefitted from that epilogue.
Thanks, I'm glad it didn't read as something which was simply 'tacked on ' for the sake of it I figured as future LCs might not give the opportunity to explore the exchange between Mayer and S'rR's, it would be worth doing, so people wouldn't think she had simply 'given up'

Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
I really don't know his characters very well yet, but it made sense that after something so huge--especially after 15 years of writing a character--there should be some sort of look at the emotional fallout from that moment.
As mentioned in an above comment, I felt that Marcus was very much rooted in the TNG era, and it was time for him to retire, so I could start focussing on new characters, and equally possibly further explore Marcus' childhood via flashbacks. I don't know why, but while writing, I found the introduction of Selek the most emotionally charged scene.

Also, in case folks didn't catch the other namedrops I made, other than to the USS Solaris were:
Dr (Drake) Ramoray (as in Friends)

The description of the Renovatio, was of a Whitestar battleship