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01-27-2013, 04:02 PM
I was playing in my Bug in Karrat useing the XII Fleet Polaron DHC's doing ok. Then I ran into another Bug that was doing much better than I. So I did some research and decided on a new approach. I went to the exchange and purchased all XII purple (acc)x2 Crth DHC and ACC x3 Turrets and a did way way better, I also went to ESD and got a Orion female Tac Boff from the officer in Quinns office and she has attack pattern Delta (i think). it lowers targets damage resistance and speed and turn. So with that and attack pattern alpha, fire on my mark, go down fighting and CRF 3 I was one shoting BOP's and KFD Escourts. I also use Omega and Beta they always come in handy. I then did a respec to get 6 levels in attack patterns ands starship manuvers and wow what a difference I was sleeping on the value of attack patterns. I hope they dont release the Bug again for a long time, this ship with the correct weps and gear and skills and abilities is a Monster like no other.

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