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01-27-2013, 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
My idea is to fix the drain issue with beams to correct thier inefficiency and retain all thier other attributes. Creating a new beam buffing BOff ability only helps the viability of beams and overall gameplay.

Your ideas strike me as just nerfong cannons to the point that they make beams look better in comparison, which is no fix for the Beam Array issue.
Like I said, beams are fine and cannons are what have a really overpowered advantage. What you seem to want is for beams to be improved so they are basically a lased cannon with different boff abilities. Thats not improving the game, thats just turning it more and more into a generic no-flavor game.

Beams don't have an efficiency problem. You're comparing them to cannons which have a ridiculously good efficiency.

The fact that beams have access to disable subsystem abilities and much wider firing arcs makes their alleged power inefficiency balanced. Cannons on the other hand were given very high efficiency and very high damage output with narrow firing arc as an attempt at some sort of balancing act... which was really dumb since the ships that make use of cannons are literally quick turning escorts (we really cant count the few cannon capable cruisers/carriers in comparison to the huge number of escorts/raptors).

So... like I said: Remove the very highest dps/power efficient cannon (that IS the real source of the dps/pwr eff issue) and replace it with a single heavy cannon. Then add power cost modifiers to the weapons based on the ship's weapon power setting and finally, for beams, just a cosmetic enhancement, make the beam animations last twice as long for this makes it TREK.