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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
This is not a proper solution by any means. There are already too many JHAS's polluting PvP as it is. Whereas I used to only see 1 on any given team, now I see at least 2 or more.

I don't even like the Bug and I certainly don't want one. It's not the end-all ship in an ideal 1 on 1 but it certainly skews the odds in team PvP without any real skill required, just proper BOFF loadout and gear/Doff's.

Many of the people who have the Jem Bug paid a lot of money for it and I don't want to see it nerfed but Cryptic needs to do something to balance PvP to make many of the other VA ships viable, C-store, Lockbox or otherwise.

Personally, I feel a considerable defense nerf to speed/maneuverability would be the best option. I know a lot of Escort pilots would shout BOO! but Fighters were never meant to tank. If you're taking heat, you pop Omega and/or Evasive and heal up.
Your nerf to speed/manueverability would effectively kill the ability of APO and Evasive to do what you're suggesting-it would only tilt the balance back to Cruisercentricity.

It would also render BoPs pretty much useless in PvP, and largely useless in PvE. (see, there's that whole "Tinfoil armor and toiletpaper shields" issue...) reason being, Battlecloak as a defensive measure...isn't. not without speed and the chance to not be hit by incoming fire-the 3 sec. or so as you pass between uncloaked, and cloaked, your shields (what shields you have) go down, things that hit are far more likely to critical in that situation, and without speed for defense, they're a hell of a lot more likely to hit you during the vulnerable period (i.e. the period while they can SEE you.)

Of course, the Bugship doesn't, and never did, have that problem, nor did it have the lower shield mods of other, more common Escorts, nor did it suffer from poor Bridge Officer seating, nor lack of useful console space, lack of turn rate, slow impulse-nothing, actually, no flaws. Now the Devs have added powers specific to it that mimic the abilities of Captain careers, but with a shorter cooldown.
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