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01-27-2013, 04:15 PM
Set Rally Point (AND Clear Rally Point(s)).

Focus Target.

Both of these can be set ingame via Options.


You can set an individual rally point (i.e. 'Go here, stupid!' point) or a 'team rally point' for your entire away team. Some of the episode missions actually require this unless you have at least two other players with you. Don't forget to have a key assigned for 'Clear Rally Point' or 'Come here, stupid!' [to set an individual's rally point, highlight the BOff, hit the 'Set Rally Point' command... now you will set the rally point for just that BOff] [probably simpler to set one key for 'Clear ALL Rally Points' and forget about the individual ones]

You can assign BOff abilities/powers to your powers tray (when you press P or whatever keybind to bring up 'Available Powers', click on the 'other' tab). In conjunction with the above, you can tell your 'mortar' engineer to drop his mortars at one location, turrets at another and so on.


Careers, traits and whatever. Doesn't really matter if you have the above done. In my experience, four TACs gets through Elite difficulty missions the fastest. Four ENGs do it slower but more surely while four SCIs take the longest but will definitely get you there. The best combination depends on the gear (don't do melee, the AI* is imbecilic) and abilities you've chosen. Simply for fashion, I normally take a TAC with the JH set, a SCI with the OMEGA/KHG set, and two ENGs with MACO/Adapted KHG and Adapted MACO/KHG sets. You're fighting a MMO AI after all, it's not rocket science. It's closer to a jigsaw puzzle than a Rubik's cube. Try to choose abilities that either are safe for the BOff to handle on it's own (lol) or ones that you can assign to your powers tray (you CAN set the BOff powers to 'manual', i.e. you have to tell them to use that particular power).

*In Cryptic's defence, most human players doing melee are almost as bad and some are worse.


Some interesting things you can try... deploy 20+ triolic pattern enhancers at once. This will prove that you did the mission at least 20 times (probably more, if you actually wanted more than one... ). Yes, this works with any devices. A tribble will be used 'automatically'... you can see that this sometimes is NOT a good idea. Besides, deploying 20 pattern enhancers will almost certainly get you a special surprise.