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Originally Posted by jelly0 View Post
I would pretty much be sticking to Storyline + PVE Elites when I get to VA.

Seems I left out the most important piece of information, skill point allocations for PVE.

All the builds ive seen seem to be for tactical captains I couldn't find any for science captains.
PVE=DPS is King, therefore you'll likely see the SAME builds for Sci you see for Tactical...because it works, the only REAL question being whether you max some skills out for weapons DPS, or for Sci powers DPS/drain/etc.

The only real "exception" being Hive Space Elite, where Sci-captain powers are actually NECESSARY to finish the second and third levels and take out the Queen's Eight sided Dice of Death.

For PvP, on the other hand, the roles are broader-this is because you're not shooting at targets mounted to rails with insane hit-points, but other players with the same range of weaknesses and strengths that you have, and some roles in PvP actually WORK, where they generally don't in PvE.
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