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01-27-2013, 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
... with torpedoes!!!!!
Unlimited ammunition!
Area = finite.
Space needed for unlimited ammunition
= infinte
finite is not equal to infinite

I think we should start having torpedo banks, with a finite amount of torpedoes.

To make up for it, raise all Torpedo Damage

Anyone agree?

This is actually an old, old conversation. It was suggested around the game's release time. People just don't want it. It was up there along with Crew Deaths could only be healed at a Starbase thing (and I seem to recall that one was the original plan for Crew).

But no, the torpedoes would have to be WAY more powerful. We see them shoot straight through a ships and out the other side (to the Enterprise even). Tricobalts destroy stations and punch holes through dimensional barriers. You would have to put a torpedo on an hour cooldown or something.