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01-27-2013, 04:47 PM
I was there when you said it the first time and as I continue to say, I disagree, and have my reasons on why.
I believe the game would be lessened if the DHCs are nerfed when they are the one thing about cannons done correctly.
There is a risk that could change if even just beam drain is directly addressed but its a diffinent if DHCs are changed dirrectly to accomidate what I find to be Beam Arrays design problem.
A bar has been set by DHCs with Tac buff support on escorts. Its time for beams to be made more for cruisers in a similiar fashion.
Its an honest desire to see beams better ingame, even for me. I like putting my Tac in a slow cruiser, BortasQu at the moment, and playing a tanking heal support role. I would like beams to be better for such play.