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01-27-2013, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by calidhris View Post
It's not the way all other usual chat features work. Deviation from the norm, in this case, means the chance for accidental power activation or running around, breaking an emote, are a lot higher than they would otherwise be.

But this is only a minor issue, a small inconvenience. By far the biggest issue is that you can't fully ignore the trolls.
You can still click on the chat box.

As for ignoring trolls, you can try changing instances. If they follow you from instance to instance, you know they're actually an RP troll, and not someone just running around with a fire extinguisher, and then you can report them.

Of course, they only know you're RPing if you use local chat, and it's much easier to not draw attention if you use a chat channel or other private channel.
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