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01-27-2013, 05:03 PM
My character name was Antonomon that is neither lewd rude racist or anything offensive, its a name i made up when i started to play eve online many years ago, i recently had to change the name of one of my ships cause it was a bit racy 'kissmysphincter' in retrospec yes its dodgy so yes i understand 'the please change the name of your ship' part, however how the hell is Antonomon offensive in any shape or form and i know the name is still available cause i created a science toon earlier and used it myself again, i logged in in the morning 5 days ago and all was good however when i logged in 5 hours later i found the only char i could login as was my klingon cause i had to change Antonomon's bloody name, no reason has been given no mail from cryptic support telling me why, only mail from cryptic support i have had concerns the name i used for my ship which has since forth been changed as requested, nothing on my char name and no answer to my ticket.

Oh and get the posted policy it clearly states no names linked to illegal drugs yet i saw a klingon toon called C'Ocaine.....last time i checked cocaine is illegal drugs all over the world, one rule for one and another for others is it!!!!!