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OOC: Am I going to get ANY sleep tonight?! Lol, jk.

*Tarok looks at the recorder.*

Tarok: I am not being imprisoned by the people you suspect. These are terrorists seeking to undermine the peace we all seek! I shall burn in a thousand hells before I do your bidding Terran! Roma Forema!

*OOC: Roma Forema is Romulan for "Romulus Forever".

And yes, he's screwing you over.

Now get on with the murdering so I can go to bed!
Voice: Very well. I guess we show how wrong you really are Tarok. *Reveals actual Federation and Republic personnel. and their orders.*

As you can see we are not terrorists. I am Federation Captain Voxin Tal beside me is Republic Captain Juno Max. So. Torak. What do you think now swine. Romulus forever. No. No. We have orders from the president and SHIELD itself to do this. So now we will do so. Torak for your crimes against the people of the galaxy we will sentence you to death. Into this pit of hungry animals

*shows the pit with the ravenous animals.*

*Kicks the Romulan in*

Goodbye Torak.

I hope people know now that the Federation and Republic have kept things from the Romulans.. From the Klingons. From their own citizens.

*Shows a box.*The murder of a Romulan senator during the Dominion War. The confessions of the ones involved before they died.

The purposeful treatment of Klingons during the Federation Klingon war 100 years ago.

*video treatment of Federation officers raping and killing and experiments.*

Now finally that the truth of the organization SHIELD. The contents of the charter and the plans for purpose of being the totalitarian arm of the Republic and the Federation.

Proof that these people want to rule the galaxy. To drive the Romulans and the Klingons into extinction. All of this from the Lapir Box. Only known to the highest officials of each government.

*OOC: I was prepared for that. But do note that they do not know that this will cause war. These are Drakes files. for the most part just twisting them to suit the needs of the times. *

*As Torak screams like a woman as the animals feast on him.*

*The transmission ends.*