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This skill plan just allows you to train a BOff in any skill that a SCI captain can. Plus it's a jack of all trades plan, so it won't penalize you too badly until you decide what you really want to specialize in. The powers listed are for the D'Kyr, a nice science ship that can pretty much do anything.

That said, the skill plan was done after analyzing the benefits/cost of 'everything' so it's strong where it really helps and weak where it doesn't matter much.

PS If you're buying ships or using the 'free' promotion ship token... go take a look at the Exchange first. Search for 'Mirror' in Reward Packs. Mirror ships are usually VERY similar (but NOT identical)... and cheap. Save the Zen/token for something else, experiment cheaply on some mirror ships.

PSS If you haven't done so already, try everything out on Tribble first.


But don't get too locked into the RSV. If you have the EC (30-40 million), you can get the Orb. Not sure if it's worth it? BUY it. COPY to Tribble. SELL it back on Holo if it's not your cup of tea.
I am using the promotion token for ships yes, whats the "Try everything out on tribble first" thing ???