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This isn't a Foundry question per se (feel free to move the thread to the appropriate location if that is the case), but I thought someone who has more experience with the Foundry would have more knowledge in this matter.

I've been playing around with creating and exporting various costumes in my Foundry missions since the Import/Export costume features were introduced in Season 7, and now I want to import some of the costumes for a new character and bridge officers that I'm developing. Currently though, when I attempt to import the costumes in the main game costume editor, they do not show up as a costume choice. Looking at the files in my screenshot folder, I have noticed that costumes exported from the main game have an extra tag (viewable from a popup when you hover the mouse over the image file) that denotes the Species of the costume [ex. "Species:Sf_Human_Male" for a FED Human Male costume]; costumes exported from the Foundry do not have this particular tag. I am assuming that this represents a fundamental difference in how the game generates these costume files, and is the reason why importing Foundry costumes does not work for me, and neither does adding a Species tag manually to any costumes that I have exported from the Foundry.

My question is, has anyone successfully imported a Foundry costume to a character in the main game? If so, could you post how you altered the costumes files to make them compatible? If not, does anyone have an idea of why this kind of costume transfer might not be possible? Thanks in advance for mulling this over.