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01-27-2013, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
So if the Foundry was just broken down into catagorys so your mission's would be easy to find, that would make you happy? Then can you leave the Neccassary grind missions alone for the players that want to play them?
I would be happy with that, but I do think the exploit is an exploit. I have no real issue with grinders. Cryptic makes them. I made one of my own. It's a legit way to test builds and if it's what a player wants to do, so be it. I can respect it if someone doesn't want story and just wants to blow stuff up.

But the loot farming exploits need to be dealt with by Cryptic. It's spreading like crazy, and it could really hurt them if all it takes to get a key is an hour of target practice. If a fleet or a player wants to kill 75 battleships to max out their Foundry loot, then he or she needs to actually fight 75 battleships or at least assist in a big space war.

Players who want story should be able to filter out the grinders, and grinders who want grind should be able to filter out the story.