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01-27-2013, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by naharikajal View Post
I don't know if or which is the "perfect strategy" for making a successful foundry mission.

Today I've played Kirkfats mission The Needs of Few which was a wonderful and entertaining story mission. It took me about 90 minutes (I am not a native speaker so maybe that's why I had a longer playtime because I read "slower") to finish.

After this mission I've played Kirkfats Arena Rumble. Actually I don't enjoy pure Battle-/No-Story missions that much but in this case I was just curious ^^

Maybe I do remember wrong but I think it has more runs/playthroughs than the other one... Feel free to correct me on this one. Anyway this could be a hint. Unfortunately. Lootz rules everything.
Thank you for playing my missions. I'm kind of embarrassed that I made that rumble arena, but it is what it is. The grinder mission doesn't have more plays, but it does have a higher rating and more plays per day.

I do have other missions that fit with you impressions. For example, I did perhaps an extreme amount of building on "Trojan Horse." It took me well over 100 hours to make that mission. My grinder, which took about 6 hours (mostly adding details to the arena) has twice the plays and a higher rating.

I've been spamming my sig image for months.

Thanks again for your kind words.