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01-27-2013, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Not if the innate dps and therefor firing rate is so low. Thats like saying torpedos make DHC's useless.

And I do agree power drain needs looked at, but what im suggesting is that even if they fix it firing multiple heavy arrays in a broad side should still drain enough power to reduce their effectiveness, and without a proper build specificaly set up to mitigate that drain there shouldn't be too many people spamming 6 heavy beam arrays. Add to that fewer shots per cycle and the defence stat and I doubt you would see a multi heavy beam ship out dpsing an escort.

Part of my suggested weapon design and balance is that beam arrays should have less efficient power useage, it's the trade off for the huge arc and (at least for heavy arrays) high spike damage potential.


I'd also like to point out to every one that I was never arguing for or against the percieved inequities in ship classes, and that my OP was never about a specific or non specific ship type.

I was talking about weapons, and only weapons. And so far most of the feed back is just "Your idead is bad because it conflicts with what I think." and almost no one has posed a constructive argument refering to weapons specificaly.
Your idea of a Heavy beam with a narrow FA, say 60?, that could be mounted for and aft would seam fair to me. Especially if they give a turnbuff to cruisers.
Throw in a new BOff abilities for beams and its gravy in my opinion.