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Yes it works if the NPCs are pathetic enough. In harder instances though a healer and a debuffer make your life really easier, such as hive onslaught, which is good. The easiness of the game gives the illusion that DPS is enough. When it's getting serious it's not. If you want to improve the overall quality of the game and "spread out" the fun, you could also ask for a major buff to the number of abilities endgame NPCs use, and also a signifcant buff to battleship NPCs, which are completely underpowered for some weird reason. You will get the same result but it will be funnier for everyone instead of making all classes similar, which makes no sense if you like playing alts. I think variety is something we shouldn't get rid of just because the AI and its lack of abilitiesand powers sucks hard.
The best healers and debuffers are Science Vessels.

The best true tanks are escorts and, science vessels.

If you make the content hard enough then cruisers will have absolutely no place left in the game other than PvP. And the sole reason they excel as healers in that environment is the fact that they can prevent huge volumes of spike damage on both an ally and themselves at the same time. Even with that said though there are several Science Vessels that can do that job better now thanks to boff layouts.

Cruisers are the Hybrid class. They have no place where they excel when pushing things to the max. Ironically enough in many MMOs hybrids have been weak in PvE while strong in PvP and nearly impossible to balance for both. Granted balancing anything for both is difficult, but hybrids especially so.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
A buffed beam on an Escort would still be better than a buffed beam on a the sense that any weapon is going to be better on an Escort than on a Cruiser. You've got the Tac BOFF stations. You've got the Tac console slots. You've even got the +Weapon Power thrown into that mix.

If it's a case of saying that Beams are mainly balanced for Sci and Cruisers, then much like only certain ships can run Dual Cannons - only certain ships should be able to run Beams, eh? But it's not like that.

The adjustments in balance take place on the ships - BOFF layout, Tac consoles, turn rate, shield modifier, defense bonus, hull, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Thus, the suggestion to look at the weapons on a single ship type as a starting point.

Take an Escort. Put DHCs/Turrets on it. Parse it. Put Beam Arrays on it. Parse it. Try it in different levels of difficulty where survival may be a factor. Compare them. Do they balance? Most people will just laugh at the idea...Beams on an Escort...lolrly? And tada, there's the issue. And still, better Beams on an Escort would still be better than better Beams on a Cruiser.
I have done this personally. I used every trick that existed in S6 to push it to the limit using an Engineer captain including running at 160 weapon power constantly, using Spiral Wave Disruptors, cycling APB, FaW, Overload (when Nadion was up), EPTW and using omega set. When I posted the build it was blasted for giving bad advice and that it was too much of a liability for groups. And even though it did put out 6k average DPS bursting for 10k consistently in CSE pugs in the end I did agree, it was a liability. Now that captain is in a steamrunner with DHCs still tanking everything like a boss. 6k DPS is not enough to carry.

Funny that everyone who claimed beams on an escort was a terrible liability to an STF group doesn't bother to comment on beams in general.

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