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01-27-2013, 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by denizenvi View Post
I was sure I had a doff that could make tyken's rift aftershocks. I bought it specifically for that purpose. But now, my roster shows no Gravimetric doffs with this specialty!

Am I misremembering something? Maybe it was a different specialization? Or did all the tyken's doffs change to gravity well? Is it just a tooltip error, perhaps caused by the space/ground format change?

EDIT: It turns out it is just a tooltip bug. There was probably a find-and-replace for any tooltip starting with 'aftershock'. My Tyken's doff is still there, and the expanded text is still correct, but just looking in the roster they all say Gravity Well.
Thanks for pointing out the expanded text bit. I'm going to be shopping for one of these soon so that's good to know.