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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Possibly as some have suggested large ship like cruisers and some science should get a inherent defense bonus for thier massive size to balance out the escorfs defensive bonus for speed ?
Escort: +Defense*, +Turn, +Impulse Modifier*, -Shield Modifier
Cruiser: +Hull, -Turn
Science: -Hull, +Shield Modifier

Escort has base Hull.
Cruiser has base Shield, Defense, and Impulse Modifier.
Science has base Turn, Defense, and Impulse Modifier.

*What's the deal with the asterisk? The higher Impulse Modifier also means it's easier to hit the Bonus Defense cap in an Escort (80%) than in a Cruiser or Science Vessel (70%).

This obviously ignores BOFF layouts, console slots, individual ship bonuses, etc, etc, etc, etc. It's very crude - one of those quick glances and that's what kind of stands out.

And it's often ignored, unfortunately. Those additional things matter. Sticking with the Bug, I present the following (no, I don't have this):

Engineer Captain

Romulan: +Shield Systems, OnBeingCritShieldHealProc
Omega: +Hull Regen, +ShieldRegen

TT1, TS2, APD2


(All Human BOFFs)

DOFFs: SDO(BFI), ME(ET), 3x PWO(Torp)

Fore: 3x Rapid Trans, Breen Cluster
Aft: Rapid Trans, Breen Cluster, Disruptor Turret

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shields: AMACO/KHG

Devices: Eng Batt, Aux Batt

Tac: Borg, 4x Compressor
Eng: SIF, 2x Neut, Tachyo
Sci: Rom Emitter [HuH]

Power: 25/100/25/50

WTF is that? It's nothing, just an example. With many of the complaints about various things out there...if people were to share such information - their builds...there would probably be quite a few responses of: WTF is that?

Because those other things matter - but - people have their expectations all over the place and there's folks even further out past left field than I normally am. Again, no - I don't have that particular Bug build. If I had a Bug, I'd go Plasma Torps.
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