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Episode 42 and 43 - I mailed you my comments on this earlier already.

Episode 44
  • Though you've been cutting out the loading screens, I think I noticed noe bit saying that it was downloading a patch. If you want, in the launcher, you can click on Options and check Disable on-demand patching. If you do this, it will download all the optional files and reduce your load screen time. The drawback, is you may have a couple gigabytes more to download first.
  • Using Evasive to move faster at times when you can't use full impulse is good. If there had been a longer distance to travel, you would have also wanted to switch your ship power presets to transfer more power to the engines.
  • The Horta was trying to attack all your enemies, you just kept killing them first.
  • You can press 'F' once to take items (or scan anomalies), and then you can press 'F' again to 'Take All', if you don't want to have to use the mouse to click the button every time.
  • Don't forget that for more difficult ground fights, you can use aim mode (press X) to do more damage, and crouch (press C) to raise your defense. And don't forget your kit abilities too. During the Experimental Augment fight, you could have put up your forcefield to keep them from hitting you.
  • You should put all your anomalies, and anything else you don't always use in the Bank.

Episode 46
  • Your klingon ship had a cloak you could have used. Also, you could have assigned your bridge officers to stations on the ship so you could have had access to some of their abilities.
  • With your enthusiasm for anomalies, maybe you're a science officer at heart!
  • The Doomsday Machine mission is one of the few that the devs got time to get around and 'Remaster' which is why it's higher quality than usual. The devs have been going back and remastering old episodes once in a while when there's time and resources to do so.

Episode 47
  • They didn't forget to remove Q, there (was) a double XP weekend going. Talking to him would have given you a buff that doubles the XP and Expertise earned for the duration.
  • Don't forget you can customize the look of your ship a fair bit, mixing and matching various parts, windows, colors, patterns, and so on. If you prefer iconic ships, you can make the Exloration Cruiser Refit look like the Enterprise D, if you wanted.0
  • For the bridge officers you bring with you on away teams, you should upgrade their ground skills so they are more useful to you. Just go with whatever skills you think look good for them.
  • You can change what skills Bridge Officers have. Visit the Bridge Officer trainer on ESD to do so. (You can also have existing bridge officer candidates train their skills to your officers, but at this point in time, you have no pressing need to do this.)
  • If you click on the (I) icon next to the mission in the mission log, that will bring up the full text of the mission which includes where you need to go.
  • If you press F12, you can rearrange your HUD to, for example, make your bridge officer ability bar longer so that it takes up one line instead of two.
  • You may also want to press 'P' to bring up your list of Powers and any to your action bar that you are missing.

Episode 48
  • You don't need better shields, just make use of your abilities. Emergency Power to Shields, Transfer Shield Strength, Rotate Shield Frequencies, Science Team, and Tactical Team are all abilities you currently have that can help in that regard.
  • Note: Regenerative shield arrays, if you compare the stats to others, regenerate quickly, but have a lower maximum capacity than other types.
  • The Harpeng torpedo does a initial damage on hit, then some damage from the radiation, and then a secondary internal explosion, which is what happens when you see the purple ring fly out.

Episode 49
  • You ask "How is there a Tetryon Sniper Rifle in the 23rd Century?" You ARE on the Worvig, which is B'Vat's ship from the 24th Century.
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