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01-27-2013, 08:54 PM
Patch Notes:

**Changed one line of code, broke 14 things. Attempted to repair those things, ended up accidentally nerfing all science abilities. Tried to fix that, made cruisers even more useless. I officially give up and resign as programmer.

**Detected unusually high levels of customer satisfaction and alarmingly low Zen-Key sales... buffed lockbox drop-rates. Borg ships will now fire High Yield Lockbox Torpedos that fill player inventories with stacks of 250 lockboxes per hit.

**Buffed purpleness of Jem'Hadar space gear by 22%.

**Disabled Borg Plasma Torpedo in favor of Lockbox Torpedo (see above). Set random timer that causes one ship to explode at random every 47.2 seconds.

**Installed grammar-checker and spell-checker in Foundry.

**Changed all tool-tips over to British Spelling for that extra bit of colourful humour.

**Decreased Romulan FE cutscene frame-rate by 33% and adjusted texture positions. This will address concerns that The 2800 FE cutscenes are of lesser quality.

**Had time left over, adjusted font kerning again.

**Banned themarie from the forum and permamuted her in game, for great justice.
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