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Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
I have a Bug and it is a Monster but there are ways to counter it. I also have the Fleet MVAE and Defiant and they are just as deadly as the Bug. The Fleet MVAE with 5 Tac consoles and a hold ability can realy cause some pain.
If only everyone thought this way when it concerned other "stuff" Cryptic releases... There is ALWAYS a way around something. You just have to find it and adapt.

BTW a simple tac team clears the "Analyze Weakness" ability immediately and its on a two second power up before it activates. Thats only 3 secs between tac teams to time it perfectly if someone is using 2 tac teams... Its not unbeatable and giving the UI lag in the game, you will be lucky to get it to hit in PvP unless of course you are sub nuked and can't do anything at all anyways and you would be dead meat as well already.

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