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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
That this is a Free to Play game. Sure the forums are a very small population, but forumites tend to be the ones that stick around longer. Career Officer, Starfleet Veteran, Klingon Veteran, these titles are all over the forums. They also spent money to get them. Forum posters may only be 5% of the population, but I'm fairly sure that we're responsible for at least 40% of the profits. That's not exactly something to ignore.

The forumites and zone chatters may not be the biggest part of the population, but they are a very large chunk of it, but they're also the ones that spend the most money, and care about the game the most.

Don't invalidate that.
How can I invalidate something you cannot validate? Because again, everything you said here...based on what?

What percentage of LTS post? What percentage of Gold post? What percentage of the various collectors out there post? How many people that browse the forums for information post? How many of those that do post...complain?

Again, how can I invalidate something you cannot validate? It's all speculation.

Cryptic/PWE are going to take a look at what's going on with the books - the money coming in. They're going to look at the feedback they get on the forums. They'll see the good. They'll see the bad. Then they'll look at the books again. If something warrants attention, they will give it their attention.

Forum demands from a small percentage of those posting who represents a small percentage of those playing...well, it is what it is. Get more folks that do post to agree with something. Get more folks that do not post to post and to agree with something. Get people to vote with their wallets. Take that small percentage of a small percentage...and get Cryptic/PWE to notice. It worked for the Ambassador folks...may eventually work for the KDF...

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