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01-27-2013, 09:33 PM
upon reading this forum thread, it got me thinking. i have played some of the missions done by you guys that are frustrated in the grinders. i am going to reevaluate the way i approach foundry missions. i have done grinders, but the thing is that the world of sto is enhanced by the ones who can develop a storyline and move the other stories along with their creative mission. i feel bad now that i have done both the story-enhancing missions and the grinders, and not given credit to the true artist that create great foundry missions.

yes it might be a select few that may be complaining about this, but you guys spend a ton of time to create a mission true to the star trek universe, but no one sees the value of those when you go and blow up x number of ships that have been nerfed by another element in the foundry. and do this over x number of maps to fill the time requirement. i am not doing that anymore.

i can spin a good tale, but my problem is being able to develop a mission out of it. but that is a different problem that i need to figure out on my own.

i enjoy foundry missions that i have played in the past (dereliction duty, atlas affair, and a couple others). i admire those people who take the time to do a mission, or series of missions like this. you guys have a talent that many envy, and i hope to one day join your ranks in creating content like these.

im just a casual gamer, but i know that if people can create a little 'grinder' mission, they can make adjustments, develop a little story or something to change their grinder and make a powerful story that only takes a short time to be worth anything. and this will still make the other populous of sto happy that they can still earn fleet marks and dilithium for the starbase.