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01-27-2013, 11:05 PM
I finally published my first mission today, and I would like to showcase it on here. It's my first attempt at a mission, but it's one that I feel particularly proud of.

Name: Mirror Invasion: Friend or Foe?
Author: @gamerboy100
Language: English
Level: 31+
Faction: Starfleet

Mission: In the wake of what looks like a new invasion by the terrans, a mysterious new player in the known mirror universe arrives. Are they an ally, or do they pose a threat like the Terrans do for the federation?

Note that I designed it as a 1-player mission for immersion. It's got some combat, but the majority of the of the mission is meant to be dialogue. I might go and make it better for teams later on, but I feel it's good just to have it as a one player mission.

Edit: I pulled it back for now to add a little more combat to it.
Edit 2: Mission is up and running, ready for people to come and test it.

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