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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
double check to make sure you're not trying to load an offduty outfit to a non-offduty slot.
This seems to have produced a result of some sorts. I wasn't importing an Off-Duty outfit in this specific instance, but the costume I wanted did use a special unlocked uniform (the TNG one to be exact). I changed the uniform to a standard one, exported it, and the tailor's importer recognized it readily, snapshot and all, although the resulting imported costume defaulted all of the custom changes. At the very least though, the tailor recognizes the costume as that of a Human Male (probably due to the addition of a "Species:Sf_Human_Male" tag from the Foundry costume exporter...don't know how that happened). Thanks for the idea. Guess I'll just go back to UI screenshots and entering in everything manually for now though.

Update: Further experimentation with exporting Foundry characters of different races and genders reveals that the only Species tag generated on all of my costume files is "Species:Sf_Human_Male" for some reason. The separate Gender tab records accurately for the different costumes, but the Species tab produces the same erroneous result every time.

Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
I'd be surprised if it works properly in the reverse.
Actually, my experience so far with importing costumes from the main game into my foundry projects has been quite successful. I've already imported my primary character and a selection of BOffs with a few quirks (extra dropdowns showing up for costume options that aren't actually enabled in the Foundry), but the all character detail shows up intact.

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