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01-28-2013, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
yeah omega spread can't be shot down but the rom can...weird....
The Rommie Torp fires High Yields by default (called heavy ... which is the same thing) which is why they, like all other high yields, can be shot down. If you use High Yield with the Omega Torp, it can be shot down also.

To answer the OP:

I really, really, really like the Omega Torp on my Armitage, because with rapid fire nature of it, I can stick it on autofire and just worry about timing my Spread. It refills its charges so quickly I almost never have to think about managing it. The three piece set bonus is also very helpful!

One other consideration about the Romulan Torp: This torp can actually really cause problems in certain situations, such as ISE. I've seen more gens blown early because of these torps than any other reason including pet spam. If you do choose this torp, please make sure you aren't recklessly firing it in those type of situations!!! Other than that it's a great torp and quite a finisher if used correctly!