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01-28-2013, 01:58 AM
There's a couple missions for gear farming in the Foundry. Mostly junk and you only can really do one per character per day before they stop dropping stuff, but even as junk it adds up and I usually get over 300k and one or two items worth actually putting on the Exchange (plus 50 fleet marks and 960 dil for the Officer Reports mission) for like 20 minutes work. Do on multiple characters it adds up.

There's also Officer Exchange missions in Cardassian space. Buy cheap white doffs with the right traits (science department is the cheapest) then send them on Exchange Program assignments. With even 1 positive trait you have about a 50% chance of trading that white officer that cost you 5 grand into a blue or purple doff. Even if it fails you still upgrade to a green doff that you can sell, try again with, or feed into the grinder for 3 whites.

Not as flashy as some of the 10-million-a-day braggarts, but 1 or 2 million from little stuff here and there, it all adds up.