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# 14 Abilities of the Guard Captain
01-28-2013, 02:09 AM
Let me flat out explain to you what the Guard Captains abilities are before you start using strategy, people.


-The Guard Captain usually has Escorts, often cannon fodder-like ones, such as Guards or Shadow Guards, But he can have more powerful Protectors with him too, Even Guard Commanders.

-The Guard Captain does not use Any Weapon, Not even a Romulan Disruptor Pistol, only his Fists, and his punches don't do TOO much to you, but they still penetrate shields like all Melee attacks.

The Guard Captain's abilities often penetrate shields, so having a Science Bridge officer down there with healing abilities like Medical Tricorder and Nanite Health Monitor is an EXTREMELY Recommended Tactic.

Random Facts:

-To me, He seems like an Alien Wizard/Sorcerer.

-He is my Favorite Boss, Not only because of his Magic-like powers, but because he is also a Reman, Remans are my favorite Star Trek Race.

-The Reman Science Officer Candidate is a Guard Captain by appearance, yet does not use his abilities.


-The Guard Captain, Like all Reman NPC's, Possesses the Ability to Shoot a Purple Psionic Bolt from his mind, penetrating shields and doing Considerable damage, but nothing that can't be healed by a Medical Tricorder.

-The Guard Captain can use The Lethean's ability "Rapture" Only the Beam is Purple, And Does more damage, This ability also penetrates shields, just like "Rapture", Making it Fatal if not healed quickly.

-The Guard Captain can Cover himself in a Cloak-like Aura, This is a sign that he is going to Teleport, When he does, he will teleport RIGHT In-front of his Target, Doing Extreme damage and penetrating shields, After that, he will usually begin Punching his opponent.

-The Guard Captain's most Dangerous Move is revealed when he begins swaying his hands around in a Certain Motion, all while being covered in Purple, He raises a hand into the air, before Dissapearing and Turning into a Purple Ghost-like entity, also releasing a Second Ghost, Sometimes though, he even releases Four or Five Ghosts, The Real One Does Damage, And the fake ones are easily Defeated, You can usually tell which is real by looking at their Health and Shield bars, if either is drained, you'll know that's the real one.

-I Think the Ghosts do shield penetrating Damage too, but im not sure, i'l have to spawn a Guard Capt. in the Foundry and See for myself.
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