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01-28-2013, 01:41 AM
nukara prime elite boxes 2 everyday sell for 200 280k ec foundary farming mission starbase 24 gorn minefield destroy the most ships earn purple gear sell on exchange breaking the planet temple fleet action kill most earn purple duty officer colonizeing missions reward purple duty officers normally rare very rare otha ground war nobody really there so your kinda garenteed purple gear also kerrat space war do collect drops from cubes and spheres and pay attention to them you can pick up 28%consoles from spheres and cubes only rare stuff worth a good 3 4 5 million depending on what type it is.
and last wait for next lockbox save 100k or so dilithium camp exchange sell lockboxes all day after realease walk around stretch ya legs continue camping dont spam exchange with loads at once 10 most if they dont sell after 30 secs check exchange and sell if someone undercut you remove and undercut there boxes by 1 ec *evil grin* walk away with 90 80k each box 20 boxes 200 dilithium each 4000 dilithium 1800000 ec (x by that and 100k dilithium) more depending how quick you get on after patch but figure out how much you can make dont buy the boxes first have at most 40 in inventory depending on how things are going many sellers too few buyers you end up with 50k boxes the same day also types of boxes dont just think new box more cash some are more wanted then others people choose one thing over another thing

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