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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
That would be even stupider. A lot of players buy those with real money simply to make ECs. I have done it myself. Making them account wide, and allowing them to be tradeable would make everyone happy. The only things that shouldn't be tradeable or account wide are the weapons.

(Though, if Cryptic wanted to be truly fiendish, the Lobi purchase could allow access to the weapons and whatnot in the account wide Dilithium Store. )

Many MMOs have per character unlocks, and Cryptic is one the few companies that has a lot of account wide unlocks, and players on this game now expect everything to be account wide, even though we still have account wide unlocks for Federation starships.

Cryptic is not going to change their game plan till people stop buying stuff, until then it will be as it always will be, till players stop buying. All five lockboxes there is a thread asking account wide unlocks for lockbox ships, and even though the forums are full of complaints on them ESD and other places have them floating around, so people are buying them regardless of what people think, or say on the forums.

You can say that they would make more money from account wide, because you and a few players on the forums say they would buy more, but apparently that has never been the case because someone is buying them enough that Cryptic feels no need to change them regardless what people on the forums say.The Data Cryptic receives is what they will use to determine the course of lockbox ships, not what players say but their actions.

Actions speak louder than words, and in this case the players actions is to buy, so the forums can scream yell throw fits, but till players stop buying nothing will change.

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