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01-28-2013, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Update from the second meeting, and im dissappointed that the ones who were complaining about the rules, bar one, didin show up to voice their concern.


Tricobalt torpedos are allowed. Tric mines are still banned.
Veteran Boffs are banned.
Permitting the mirror escorts and mirror Vo`quov.
Permitting all preorder items.
Permitting all episode items attainable pre season 2.
Banning featured episode items, BUT allowing Connie rare phasers.
Har`Pheng torpedos are allowed.

If people have comments or questions regarding the dicussed issues, please do.
I was sick yesterday and didn't make the meeting. One quick question, are non-fleet/mixed-fleet teams allowed?

I'll catch up with you regarding informal classic matches this week sometime.
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