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One other consideration about the Romulan Torp: This torp can actually really cause problems in certain situations, such as ISE. I've seen more gens blown early because of these torps than any other reason including pet spam. If you do choose this torp, please make sure you aren't recklessly firing it in those type of situations!!! Other than that it's a great torp and quite a finisher if used correctly!
I learned quickly that with the Rommie Hyper-torp, you need to stop earlier, if going for 10% then hold fire at 20%, 25% if you have more than one chain of 3 "in the air", and 30%-35% if you've got to convince runabouts that they need to hold fire...
Yes, I'm going here. Iconic / "hero" ships, I'm talking Galaxy/Defiant/Intrepid here you TNG-era fans, get a T6 version, then ALL the hero ships (Connie, Miranda, NX, etc.) need one too. I'm a ToS fan, and proud of it. This is a themepark, let me enjoy my ride or none of us deserve one...