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I claimed leadership of a dead fleet I was in because the leader hasn't signed in in months. Counting alternates there are probably around 30 people in the fleet, and I have seen 1 on in the past week. So like I said I'm taking command and starting afresh trying to get some things done myself as far as projects are concerned. But everyone knows one person can't support a starbase alone.

I'm looking for anyone who would like to join a smaller fleet, with lots of opportunities to earn Fleet Credits. I'm in a larger fleet Fed side and know it can be a rush to get your stuff in once a new project begins. I'm looking for people who just like to do stuff, whether it's STFs on of either difficulty, or fleet queues, or are looking for advice with their builds. Being active is very important, even if you're new to the STO experience.

Have a Tier 2 shipyard, Tier 3 starbase is in the works right now and has under 48 hours remaining on it. Lots of provisions available, and bank access.

If you've wanted to get in on a new fleet in the past, but don't want to be at square-one necessarily, then this is a good opportunity. Just message me in game at Kohross@howiedizzle for an invite.

Edit: Earlier it said Tier 3 shipyard, but it's Tier 2... Sorry for the mistake.

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