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01-28-2013, 06:00 AM
PvE is slower in sci. Not harder. Slower. A lot, unless you build your sci as DPSer and then you could as well be running an escort. If you think it is otherwise, then show me how you kill targets with sci abilities ONLY.

Because if you jump into torp boats then tacscrot will do it better. If you jump into Beam Target Subsystem, then tacscort will do it better. Drain builds? 8-turret sci-heavy cruiser will do it better.

Sci in PvE is slow unless you stop using it as sciship and start using it as less tactical escort and sci abilities as supplemental to your weapons.

Not like sci should be run. Because if you do this then... simply get escort. Or even cruiser.

And yeah, I know how to play sci/sci in PvE and kill relatively quick. Drain-build is pretty good for PvE if you time it and the torps. But still - I need torps to kill. I can use same torps with escort and replace drain with DHC - and killing will be faster.

And PvP - as much as I love it it's just a pimp on STOs big fat PvE ass. Nothing more. If ship is not optimal for PvE then its setup is simply not worth flying.