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01-28-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
Firstly: Why must the servers be brought down for 2 hours for a simple upgrade to the stats of one set? Why can't these updates be compiled and aggregated into one large patch say once per week instead of every other day?

Secondly: Why are we notified only 24 hours ahead of time? What if your bosses told you you will come into work on Saturday morning Friday evening -- would you perceive this as courtesy or disrespect?
Servers are normally patched every Thursday. Occasionally circumstances dictate having an exceptional patch, this is one such circumstance as paying customers are not happy. It may also be there is no mechanism to refund lobi in place so by patching now a damage limitation excercise is underway. As for the time it takes, personally I don't know why it takes 2 hrs but I suspect taking down a server farm is a bit more complex than restarting your laptop?