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01-28-2013, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Servers are normally patched every Thursday. Occasionally circumstances dictate having an exceptional patch, this is one such circumstance as paying customers are not happy. It may also be there is no mechanism to refund lobi in place so by patching now a damage limitation excercise is underway. As for the time it takes, personally I don't know why it takes 2 hrs but I suspect taking down a server farm is a bit more complex than restarting your laptop?
I've worked in server farms before. They utilize start scripts but the part that takes the most time is verifying the integrity of the database which only takes 10mins on a 20GB database.

That is beside the point, and I see what you are saying -- this is an "emergency" patch. As such I would believe to minimize the inflamed customers storming off they should at least offer to include what they have tested so far of Thursday's patch into this one and not patch again until the next Thursday.

I can understand a weekly patch -- I actually appreciate it. But I don't appreciate making plans in game to have it squashed by a patch that no one knew about until the day before -- especially to (as the patch notes said) to simply upgrade the stats on a single ship equipment set. It just seems a bit ridiculous to take the server down for 2 hours to do that....

In my time working in data centers (or server farms) when you take down a farm like they're doing, you push as much tested patch material as possible that QA will allow for because of the overhead for each patch (taking down the system, patching the clients and pushing that update, bringing up the system, testing the system, etc). Again reserving a patch for one fix/stat-update just isn't efficient use of patch time.

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