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Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
Actions speak louder than words, and in this case the players actions is to buy, so the forums can scream yell throw fits, but till players stop buying nothing will change.
Sometimes that is true, however many, many times the voices on Forums have swayed decisions being made by Devs whether it be prior to or post a bad decision/mistake/nerf/patch/whatever. You can easily take S7 as a prime example, when the Devs decided to implement the drop rate changes and remove DIL from STF despite being told repeatedly it would cripple the game and piss off the player base something fierce. They were forced to backtrack slightly and return DIL and drops to STF encounters, because people complained and righteously so.

Another MMO game i played for many years recently had its own version of this awhile afterit went F2P and beefed up their own Cash Shop. The Devs decided it would be a good idea to sell 'Keys' to 'boxes'(hmmm?) in the game, both of which already dropped at random rates in a certain zone for PvP only. Thus, they are really hard to get a hold of and you need to be dedicated to obtain either as it will take a bit of time. Mind you, these 'boxes' don't even contain GEAR, simply 'relics' that you can exchange for points to save and buy the gear eventually. The uproar that arose on that games forums was utterly astounding when the Devs announced they'd planned on adding the 'keys' to these 'boxes' to their Cash Shop, and they eventually backed down and cancelled that part of the patch completely. Players were concerned it would start a 'Pay-to-Win' approach to the game and ruin it.

Sound familiar? And that's a game that doesn't ask ANY sub fees from players, period.

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