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Originally Posted by jcp26 View Post
First, it's "Good news everyone!". Second, will you KDF whiners stop complaining. Go back and watch every battle ever containing Klingons. You will see over a dozen different types of Federation vessels ranging from the small Defiant class to the massive Galaxy class. You will see three types of Klingon ships: Bird of Preys, Vor'chas and K't'ingas. Four if you count Negvars but only one of those was in service during the entire Dominion War and the others appeared in alternate timelines. Klingon starships are like Russian tanks, they pick a few designs (e.g. T34, Stalin II) and build as many of them as possible hoping to overwhelm their foes with superior numbers. If you want multiple ship classes, join the Federation. Klingons prefer quantity over variety. Watch DS9. You'll see what I am talking about.

he does have a point, but in the b'rel owners workshop manual it says there is a large variaton between individual ships depending on the house that owns it so we should have dif versions of existing ships with diff stats and layouts plus there are ships that we dont have like the k'vort and gowrons Nig'var(take a close look at the one in the show its not the same as the one ingame)