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  1. when you die you can lose control causing you to fly to your target in a straight line. all this does is set you up for another quick death....
    you can not effectively tank because all you do is presenting the forward shield to your target you just cant keep up whit the damage you receive by re-balancing shields, regeneration and abilities. you could be forced to fly though a group of mobs you would normaly have flown around causing you to aggro them and die. if you are set up whit cannons having your target in front is not going to be a problem but if you use beams you cant broadside and being forced to use only half of your DPS gives your opponent twice the amount of time to kill you!
    please fix this one fast. dieing because you cant contol your actions is increadibly annoying
  2. not auto loothing the final boss looth
    its rather annoying to accidently click the leave instance button that is flashing in the middle of your screen before loothing your items dropped by the boss. since you cannot re-enter the instace or reclaim your looth in some way you have effectively done the whole STF for noting!!! even though this happened to me only twice in 3 years while playing several STFs a day its so annoing to say that this top 5 has a shared first place!!!
  3. if an item roll to you while your inventory is full the item becomes unloothable and becomes lost forever
    this one is rather self explainable. if you win a roll for an item whit a full inventory it becomes unloothable and is lost forever... so annoying
  4. the PvE que system
    now we get to the actual reason for wring this. there are several things wrong whit this system
    the penalty for leaving an STF
    the only 2 times i got it were 1 coming ito a infected map seeing the optional had already failed while both cubes guarding the nanite transformers still live. so i am like: "come on you don't seriously expect me to clean up the mess of these idiots." and today i enter the STF starting out whit only 4 people so after one peron leaves i had to come to the conclusion that completing ti had become imposible and left.
    than you cannot enter ANY!! STF for an hour. if it was like ok you had your shot at this one come back in an hour i could live whit that but not being able to do any other STF WTH?
    then if someone leaves if you are unable to tell the system to send in a replacement... why? (telling the system to get a fifth would have been nice today when we started out whit only four)
    i don't kow if this is fixed but transferring maps while a game is starting causes you to get kicked of the que. i always take care not to do this but if i am flying between to places in sector space i would sill like to transfer to the next sector so i can continue my journey to my destination if the game takes more the 30 seconds to start anyway. knowing it can happen i now don't transfer maps while a game is starting, but not being restricted like this would be nice.
  5. and whats up this my DPS?
    i am not sure that this is a bug but sometimes i feel like i am able to cut though my enemies whit ease and other times i feel like it takes forever to kill the same enemies.
    i always fly my vesta whit the same Boffs, the same equipment and the same power levels so how can the difference be so big? EDIT: there are no ship injuries involved
First of all it's not even a crafting system! It's just a dumb game system that's nothing more than a glorified slots machine.
second the "special items" you hope will be the saving the saving grace are messed up to.

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