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01-28-2013, 08:24 AM
I've decided to pick HEC for my KDF Engineer. Switched from Fleet Vor'Cha, but using a similar build - a mix of offense and healing/tanking. It's not as good as a battlecruiser when it comes to survivability, but for pure fun sake I believe it's gonna deliver.

Still, I wanted to go with a bit of a power drain build (Polaron + Plasmonic + Aceton and such), for which I bought Dacoit Flight Deck Cruiser and Advanced Orion Interceptors only to find out that they cannot be used on HEC... Actually, none of the unique KDF C-Store hangar pets can (Interceptors, Tachyon Beam Drones, Marauding Force). Filled a bug report and am hoping this is just an oversight...

Also, not that fond of the console. It's a really good new team attack pattern, but with 3min cooldown I'm not convinced if I want to stick with it.