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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Some of the KDF-specific missions are really good, some of them are just silly and annoying. The other thing to consider is the ships and the differences they make even for the shared content. There's nothing quite like piloting a Bird of Prey, particularly if set up as not-an-escort. It may not be the most efficient ship in the game, but its silly fun to pilot. Also if you want to give carriers a shot, the only zen-free way to do that is the Vo'quv, so it can be educational as well. Lastly there is the profit motive if nothing else, as Klingon doffing is a good source of dilithium (via prisoners and contraband), and since you get a free KDF character slot anyways, may as well put it to use.
kar'fi is free as well if you happen to have the vet reward for the free level 50 ship token.
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