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Hi all,

I have 4 Vice Admirals that I am going to work on for Omega for upgrades, all of them have full Aegis and 2 of them have both Aegis and Borg sets, which would be better for those 2?

Below is their setup for now (until I can upgrade with rep or EC)


Engineer (has both Borg - Aegis)
Regent (3 Array/180 torp - 3 Array (Breen cluster or tri?)

Science (Aegis)
Advanced research refit (2 Cannon/Torp - 3 turrets)
Long range refit

Tactical (Aegis)
Escort Carrier (2 DHC/DBB/Torp - 3 turrets)


Tactical: (has both Borg - Aegis)
Kar'fi (3 Cannon/Torp - 3 Turrets)

B'Rel (2 DHC/DBB/Torp - 3 turrets)


New to the Regent would this setup be better?

2 Array/DBB/Breen Cluster forward
3 Array/180 torp rear

Fly in with beam overload ll and punch shields down, launch Cluster Torp then pull left/right for broadside and rear 180 with spread 3? Continue circling....

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