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01-28-2013, 09:00 AM
I would like to see the Duty Officer Roster cap lifted. If we?re willing to purchase the roster slots from the C-Store, then we should be able to ?collect? as many Duty Officers as we want.

According to the ship stats, my Odyssey crew compliment is 2,500. I?d like to have a say in exactly who make up that 2,500 man crew. I?m sure game balance plays a part in the need for a Duty Officer limit, but maybe that limit could be ship specific. Perhaps we could assign specific Duty Officers to specific ships, that way your available officers will depend on which ship you?re commanding at the moment.

Maybe at least there could be officer pools that all acquired Duty Officers go to before being assigned to a specific ship, base project, etc. They wouldn?t be available for Duty Officer missions, etc. until they had been given a ship assignment. I just know that I can?t ever really fill my Duty Officer roster, because I?ve got to keep open slots for Common Duty Officers to fill requirements on Starbase projects.