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01-28-2013, 09:18 AM
Switch to polarized disruptor/disruptor!

Three dual heavy cannons up front ( i use two fleet dhc (dmgX3, critD), one polarized disruptor (critDX2) plus quantum or omega torp.

OUt back...two polarized disruptor turrets (critD X 2) and one cutting beam.

eng: tachykinetic console, borg assimilated console
sci: two field gens, one romulan -th console that adds plasma proc to your weapons
tac: four disrutpors + one quantum or five disruptor consoles

comm tac: tt1, csv1, torpedo spread 3, attack pattern beta 3
lt tac: torpedo spread 1, cannon scatter volley 1
ens. tac: tac team 1
lt comm sci: hazard emitter 1, transfer shield strength 2, gravity well 1
lt eng: epts1, epts2

I am using for a sci toon and routinely grab aggro. Its one of the reasons why I do the four distruptor consoles and one quantum....

Disruptors work better than any other energy type for making things pop. the Polarized add a bit of energy drain as well and the romulan console adds the plasma proc to your weapons so you have no need to use plasma weapons.


Edit: if using the omega torp...use five disruptor consoles.