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01-28-2013, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
Omega & MACO Uniforms
Holographic Effect (Shimmer)
More Civilian Top Options
Custom Animals (Targ Based)
Various Insects (Maybe a Giant Centipede as opposed to Spiders).
More Skin and Hair Effects (as opposed to just Shineness)... Maybe an 'Alive' effect that makes it look like moving in water or Static that makes it frizz or stick out.

...I agree
no, thats not what i mean...

I mean.. wil I be able to get away with stuff like

Alien Male
Alien Female
Alien Female #2

^^ or will cryptic have another tantrum when it comes to mix and matching outfits?

I want an Armored Hatham called Fluffy!